Want a 2% rebate when you buy a New Construction home?

With the rapid increase in the prices of New Construction in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, every little bit helps.  If you need extra money to help with the down payment, closing costs, or moving expenses my 2% rebate program is just the answer to your needs!

And it couldn’t be easier!  Here’s how to take advantage of the program:

1) Visit local builders and register me as your Realtor®

As you visit local builders, all you have to do to receive the 2% rebate is register my name, Kerri Rushing at Grand Realty Services, as your Realtor® at the sales office.  For any new construction home (inventory homes and new builds) you will receive a 2% rebate at closing.

2) Find the home of your dreams, then contact me before making any offers!

This is the point where my expertise really kicks in.  I help you negotiate the deal and then serve as YOUR representative throughout the entire process (for build jobs, too!).  With my 20 years of knowledge in your corner, this will give you a great leg-up versus going it alone.

Don’t forget, any sales representative works for the BUILDER! They may seem helpful, but at the end of the day they DO NOT represent your best interests.  They represent the builder!  I will help you get through the entire buying process smoothly, and with the best possible outcome!

3) Sign the contract on your new dream home!

As you sign the sales or build contract you will also be asked to sign a buyer’s representation agreement with me as your Realtor®.  This will allow me to fully represent you as YOUR agent, and I will help you manage the process all the way to closing and beyond.

4) On closing day, you receive the rebate as a credit!

When the big day arrives, you will receive the 2% rebate as a credit against your closing expenses and down payment. It’s just that simple!


And don’t forget, after you close I am still here to serve you! Many of you have probably experienced real estate agents that seem to disappear as soon as you sign a deal.  That’s not service, and that’s not how I do business. I will be with you through closing and beyond, as your real estate expert. You should expect nothing less!


Important notes on the 2% rebate program:

  • Remember to register my name! If I am not listed as your real estate agent, I cannot help you.
  • This offer is contingent on the builder offering a real estate buyers commission of at least 3%. If the builder offers a lower rate, the rebate may be reduced.
  • This rebate program only applies to New Construction homes, but it includes both inventory homes and build jobs. It also includes condos and townhomes!


If you have any questions about the 2% rebate program, call me today and I will be happy to help!

This is the new way to do real estate, and I am here to help YOU!